Really Good Coffee

Really Good Coffee has a purpose beyond award winning taste.

Simply put, we're about 2 things: We produce award winning coffees, and we employ post-prison people. Our passion is providing coffee drinkers with the highest quality, organically grown, fairly-traded coffee in a sustainable supply chain from crop to cup. Our coffee beans are meticulously selected from the top 1% of coffee available, and then roasted and shipped fresh the same day they're ordered. While those three things can create coffee that wins awards, it takes more than just award winning coffee to have something that qualifies as being "Really Good."

"Really Good" is about "doing good." We love Really Good Coffee even more than we love hating on Bad Coffee. But if you're like we were before Really Good Coffee woke us up, you may not realize just how awful bad coffee can be.

Fantastically Bad Coffee
The most obvious characteristic of Bad Coffee is, of course the poor taste of it. It has flavor faults that go beyond the personal preference you might have for one variety over another. Bad Coffee can have significant off-flavors such as jute, paper, mustiness, olive oil or turpentine (yup!) and a lot of others. But Bad Coffee is much better at being bad than just depositing odd flavors on our tongues.

Bad Coffee is excellent at:
  • Ripping off consumers
  • Keeping dirt poor coffee farmers dirt poor
  • Harming the environment
  • Unethical production practices
  • Duping employers into offering it as a 'perk' to employees
  • Damaging the brand and reputation of breakfast restaurants

That's a good bit of bad. Bad Coffee gives all coffee a bad name. Bad Coffee continues to thrive because it's what most of us have been buying as 'just plain coffee'. We didn't know any better. Bad Coffee is plentiful, ubiquitous and (usually) cheap. More than just tasting bad, Bad Coffee IS bad.
When we don't understand the impact of Bad Coffee, there is little reason to suffer the inconvenience of searching out and paying for Really Good coffee. But we don't have to put up with the inconvenient truth of bad coffee. Not anymore.

"Really Good"

Really Good Coffee is our most effective weapon against Bad Coffee. To qualify as "Really Good Coffee" the good has to go well beyond just taste. The people and processes involved in processing, transporting, importing, roasting and brewing coffee in a manner worthy of the hard work that went into growing and harvesting it is costly. These processes are also time consuming and require a level of expertise. A major aspect of Really Good Coffee is that it benefits every entity involved with it. All the way from the farm to your cup.

True Sustainability
Where does "Sustainability" come in and what does it encompass? Sustainability certainly includes care for the environment, but it is more broad than that. Sustainability also means that the coffee farmer has to earn a fair wage. "Fair" means that they need to earn enough to move from subsistence living, to making a profit. Without profit they cannot invest back into their farm, grow their operation, employ more workers, pay higher wages etc. They can't buy better food, or pay for an education either. In fact, without profit, they cannot continue to produce coffee. That is far from fair. It's bad. (this topic is far more complicated than we've presented here, but the overall point remains)

What's true for the environment and the coffee farmer, has to be true for everyone else in the supply chain as well. Really Good Coffee positively impacts the whole thing, including the farmer, the roaster, the coffee shop, the end consumer, and every other link in the chain. When every link is strong, the chain is able to perform well and the whole system is good. Really Good.

Helping You Wreak Havoc
You already know that our coffee is produced from the highest quality, organically grown, fairly-traded coffee available in a sustainable supply chain that extends from the crop to the cup. But here's where it gets Really Good: There is a convenient and great tasting way that you can go beyond "just plain coffee" and wreak havoc on Bad Coffee. When you buy I Have a Bean coffee you are a Havoc Wreaker! You are offering post-prison people the opportunity for a new life and a fresh start. You are helping to break the devastating cycle of recidivism by enabling employment in our roasting plant. Because of you, more than 60 post prison people have found work at I Have a Bean and have had their lives completely transformed.
Watch This Video and you’ll see some of what we’re talking about.

Although the price may be higher than some Bad Coffee, given the sublime havoc that you can wreak with Really Good Coffee, and how easy we've made it for you to get, Really Good Coffee is the right choice. It's worth every penny.

Go ahead. Love the taste of destroying Bad Coffee: Buy Really Good Coffee here