"Being a coffee lover, I believe the coffees at I Have a Bean are the best I have ever tasted. In my travels I have been to Canada, Ireland, China, Hong Kong, The Philippines, and most of America. So far, no coffee anywhere I have been compares to the aromas and flavors of I Have a Bean coffees. Keep up the great job at your roasting plant. You have me hooked."

- Barry S. - Rockford IL.

Normal Roasting Plant Hours:
Open Mon-Fri 8 am til 6 pm.
Open Saturday 9 am to 1 pm.

Ethiopia Guji Bishan Fugu Natural This coffee is produced by a 3rd generation family-owned business that is led by Mr. Aman Adinew. By design, over 70% of the employees are women earning a sustainable wage for their families. The company also sponsors 450 elementary school students, ensuring they receive a world-class education. Oh, and they produce outstanding coffee!

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We roast all varieties of coffee every business day. If you get your order in by 10:00 am, we'll roast it today and will normally have it ready for you today! We'll send an email notice when your order is ready for pickup.
Normal pickup hours at the roasting plant are Monday - Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, and Saturday from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm.
The Roasting Plant is located at 655 Childs St., Wheaton IL.
Ethiopia Guji Bishan Fugu Natural

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Ethiopia Guji Bishan Fugu Natural 16oz Bag
Impressions: Berries. Chocolate. Spice. Exotic fragrance and aroma of berry fruit, spice and cocoa, with hints of cardamom and vanilla. Berries, sweet citrus and black tea are foremost in the cup, with notes of jasmine, honeysuckle playing on the edge of the palate. Spice and chocolate notes emerge as cup cools. Sparkling acidity sustains fruit notes into a long and pleasant finish.
City Plus (Medium Light)

Colombia Cauca Select

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Colombia Cauca Select Coffee - 16 oz bag
Impressions: Sweet. Roasted Nut. Melon. Toasty fragrance of nut, malt and molasses, with aroma of buttery vanilla and caramel. The cup is smooth with up-front sweetness of browning sugar deepening into roasted nut, chocolate and tobacco. A lively melon acidity supports the flavors as cup cools, with leather and pipe tobacco emerging in the finish. Works great as a single origin espresso.
Full City (Medium)

Colombia Origin Select DECAF - Sugarcane E.A.

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Colombia Select Origin Decaf - 16 oz Bag
Impressions: Sweet. Nutty. Toasty. Aromas are floral and sweet with hints of almond and butterscotch. Flavors of nut and fire-browned marshmallow are supported by a smooth medium acidity. The cup becomes sweeter as it cools with an aftertaste that is pleasant and slightly sweet.
Full City Plus (Medium Dark)

Espresso Blend

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Impressions: Bright, complex, fruity. A unique blend of beans roasted to highlight the sweet and fruity notes typical of lighter Northern Italian style espresso. The sweetness is balanced with medium acidity, capped by a rich bronze crema. Outstanding as a drip coffee.
Full City (Medium)
1 lb. Bag

Guatemala Huehuetenango SHB EP

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Guatemala Huehuetenango 16oz
Impressions: Caramel. Nut. Sweet. Heavy fragrance of nut, butterscotch and sandalwood, with additional aroma of vanilla and cocoa rising from the cup. Subtle flavors of Meyer lemon, pear, and butterscotch are balanced by sweet soft leather as cup cools. Lively acidity and a clean finish make this an excellent morning cup.
Full City (Medium)

Kenya Uteuzi Jimbo Kirinyaga AA

Available Now!

Impressions: Lemon, Mango, Vanilla. Heady fragrance and aroma of citrus, mango, bit-o-honey and vanilla. Sweet in the cup with a wonderful citric acidity. Juicy mouthfeel with flavors of lemongrass, caramel, and baker's chocolate that blend into sweet tobacco with soft tannins as it cools. A long finish and delightfully complex cup.
Full City (Medium)

Sumatra Mandheling Silimakuta

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Sumatra Mandheling Siliimakuta 16 oz bag.
Impressions: Sweet, clove, tobacco. Complex and earthy with a smoky aroma of butterscotch and tikar. Melony sweetness deepens as the cup cools, with leather and clove becoming more prominent. Low acidity and a smooth pleasant finish, with soft leathery notes in the aftertaste.  
Full City Plus (Medium Dark)

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