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Really well! Multi-Address shipping processes the big order for payment, then splits it into multiple sub-orders so we can ship each as directed. Shipping rates for multiple addresses are calculated for each address as if each portion of the order were a separate order. As you proceed through the checkout process, you will see your initial order broken up into suborders, each with its own associated shipping charge.

Yup. We ship to all 50 states in the U.S. We roast every business day and every order we get before 11:00 am (Central) is roasted and shipped the same day.

Nope. Been there. Done that. It's really hard to control freshness at a retail store. That's why we ship every order the same day direct from our roasting plant. Order Today. Roasted Today. Shipped overnight.

"Shipping" uses a third party carrier such as FedEx, UPS or USPS etc. to get your coffee from our door to yours. "Delivery" uses our own driver to get your coffee from us to you. Get your order in by 11:00 am Central and we'll deliver it to your door today. (Mon-Fri)

We can. But at this time you should give us a call to work out the details. 0011-1-630-384-9657

You bet!

Catering / Events

If your event is local enough to our roasting plant in Wheaton IL, we can brew large quantities of both coffee and tea for your event. You can pick it up from our roasting plant and then bring back the empty containers when the event is over, or the following Monday if the event is on the weekend. Give us a call to discuss the details. 630-384-9657

Speaking Engagements / Interviews

We love speaking events! We regularly talk with college classes, church groups, and civic organizations. Send and email to, we'll connect with you for details.

It's pretty easy. You can contact Mr. Leonard at his email address: Be sure to provide some information about the purpose of the interview, a deadline (if there is one) and your contact information so he can get back to you.

Fundraisers / Donations

You bet! We love supporting local 501(c)3 organizations. Send an email to or give us a call directly at 630-384-9657

Sure thing. Give us a call to arrange details: 630-384-9657

Absolutely! Give us a call to arrange details: 630-384-9657

That is likely! Send an email to Provide your contact details as well as a link to your blog or website. We'll get in touch after we're reviewed everything.


Freshly roasted coffee is considered “fresh” for the first 21 days after the roast date. It will still taste “good” after that, but definitely not like it was when if first came out of the roaster. If you know you're not going to be using it within that first 21 days, go ahead and put it in the freezer. You can take those beans out 4 months later and they will still be as fresh as the day you put them in. When you’re ready to start brewing them, take ‘em out and keep ‘em out. Don’t put them back in the freezer. Just put them in the cupboard where they would be if you had just put a fresh bag on the shelf. 

NOPE! There are no nuts, (or honey, or chocolate or berries) or anything other than coffee in any of our coffees. No flavorings or additives of any kind whatsoever. It’s just coffee. If there were anything other than coffee in the bag, we would disclose all of that on the bag and our website to help protect the lives of our customers. Not to mention remain in compliance with the FDA.

We do. Due to package labeling restrictions by the FDA we can only sell bulk packages to business entities. That includes churches, restaurants, coffee shops, offices and the like. Bulk packaging is visible to business accounts on our wholesale website @ You will need an FEIN to create a business account there. You will need an account there to be able to see and purchase bulk packages.

Absolutely. We roast, package and sell coffee in many varieties of containers and k-cups is one of them. Consumers can buy any of our coffees packaged in k-cups in convenient 10 count bags. Businesses can purchase in bulk with a minimum of 30 cups per variety of coffee.

They do indeed.

Consumers can buy a variety of pouched coffee sized perfectly for their 8, 10 or 12 cup home brewer via the Tri-Pack Gift Box. Businesses can puchase virtually any sized pouch in virtually any quantity.

Sometimes. We select our raw coffee from the top 1% of all the coffee in the world. That high hurdle eliminates 99% of coffees from consideration. If we only chose certified coffees, many top rated coffees produced by very small farms would be eliminated just because they can't afford to pay the certification fees. The highest ideal for us is quality.

At I Have a Bean we only carry coffees that are freshly harvested, or 'in season.' This means that our selections will change with the harvest season.

Employment Model

We do indeed. Simply put, we're about 2 things: Producing award winning coffees, and employing post-prison people. "How does THAT work?!" Glad you asked! See the "Second Chances" page. Have your mind blown, and your heart touched.


If we're out of stock of a coffee that's in your subscription, don't panic. A few days before your subscription is set to be roasted, we send an email to remind you about it. If your coffee is out of stock there will be a big yellow warning banner at the top of the email. Ya' can't miss it. When you see that, click the "Manage Subscription" button in that email and just select a different coffee. Or pause or cancel or...whatever you want. It's your subscription after all! :)

Since we don't charge for your subscription until we ship, your new order price will reflect the new coffee you just added.

First, you need to have an account on the site AND be logged into it. Then click My Account (the little round silhouette just to the right of the ORDER COFFEE button at the top right corner of the page). You get a lot of fun details there but the link you're interested in says "Manage My Subscriptions".

If you're logged in now, click here.

Super simple. Go to the Manage My Subscriptions page (see previous question) and cancel it. We're not going to take offense, or grill you with questions, or make you call us first, or ... anything at all. It's your subscription. You are in complete control of it!