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Selected from the Top 1%

Selected from the top 1%

Roasted and Shipped today

A coffee cherry

-Pure coffee - Nothing added

No risk
no hassle
Gonna Love it

Nobody should have to settle for so-so coffee.

Too many people settle for low quality coffee: coffee that relies on cream, sugar, or artificial flavorings to taste "good." But we know that truly good coffee is amazing all by itself.

So we created a roasting company to delight coffee lovers, and entice coffee drinkers into the same delicious experience that we get to enjoy every day. (oh yeah, that's us in the pic!)

You deserve a coffee experience

We source and roast beans from the top 1% of the coffee in the world so you can have the best there is.

Customers tell us that we've ruined their taste for any other coffee. (Sorry. Not sorry!)

Word on the street

(Yup. Real people really wrote these.)

Get the best coffee you've ever experienced in Three easy steps:

I think there are some things that are worth suffering through: Having a baby. The airport with a flight to Ireland. Breaking in a new pair of hiking shoes. But a bad cup of coffee? Nope! No reason to suffer through that.

Our team is so proud of what we're doing that we sign and date every bag by hand. Taste our coffee and you'll understand why.