Roast Master's Gift Box

The Roast Master's gift box is all about long-term coffee indulgence. We tested dozens of tumblers to find this one. Made by Pakt of Carrolton Tx. the vacuum-insulated, double-walled, stainless steel, indestructible, sweat-proof, leak-proof, keep coffee HOT for 10 hours and cold for 16. We're also including a 12 oz bag of one of our most popular coffees AND 4 one-pot pouches.

Along with our freshly roasted hand packaged coffees, we'll include your choice of chocolate bars or caramels, both of which are infused with our coffee. If you choose chocolate bars you'll get one milk and one dark bar. The chocolate bars are sourced from locally owned Four Brothers Chocolates. Choose caramels and you'll get a box of 4 caramels sourced from Grandpa Frank's Caramels, another local artisanal shop. 
The Roast Master's Gift Box box includes:

  • The Pakt 16-oz Tumbler (the last you'll ever need)
  • A 12oz bag of one of our most popular single-origin coffees
  • 4 freshly roasted varieties of coffee packaged in one-pot-pouches perfectly sized for a 10-cup brewer (70grams)
  • A giant double-dipped dark chocolate malted milk ball
and your choice of
  • Coffee infused chocolates
  • Coffee infused caramels

    If you have a coffee variety preference for the 12oz. bag, type that into the order comments. Otherwise, we'll select one of our popular varieties (not decaf) and include that for you.

    Choose your grind, and either chocolates or caramels.