Welcome to The Bean Team!

Here's what you can expect from your Coffee Coach as you train to become better at all things coffee :)

As the Coach, I want all members of the Bean Team to be able to enjoy the same taste and experience in the field, that we enjoy here at team headquarters. aka the I Have a Bean Roasting Plant.

My job is to guide you to coffee brewing success. All you need to do is pay attention to the tips, techniques and recommendations I’ll send your way each Wednesday morning. They are designed with one coffee goal in mind: Know Better, Brew Better.

Team members also get perks (yup. intended). In my work as the Coach at team headquarters I get to put together exclusive offers and promo codes that the Bean Team can use to get more coffee for less cash. Now that you're here, these will be coming your way!

I will also make sure that the Bean Team will be first to know what coffees are in the pipeline, which ones score high enough to make into the Top 1%, what flavor nuances we're detecting during the cupping process etc. If I have anything to say about it, (and I do) you'll also get first access to new coffees before we introduce them to the general public.

All this will be served in bite-sized nuggets that are easy to swallow. I promise that there will never be any snobbery around here. Our goal is to get better at all things coffee!

Coffee Coach Pete

-The Coffee Coach