"Being a coffee lover, I believe the coffees at I Have a Bean are the best I have ever tasted. In my travels I have been to Canada, Ireland, China, Hong Kong, The Philippines, and most of America. So far, no coffee anywhere I have been compares to the aromas and flavors of I Have a Bean coffees. Keep up the great job at your roasting plant. You have me hooked."

- Barry S. - Rockford IL.

Roasting Plant Hours:
Mon-Fri 8 am-6 pm.
Saturday- Order Pickup at Wheaton French Market.

Plant Address:
655 Childs St.
Wheaton, IL

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The highest quality, organically grown, fairly-traded coffee in a sustainable supply chain, from our door to yours.

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Guatemala Huehuetenango Waykan

Available Now!

Guatemala Huehuetenango Waykan 16 oz. bag
Impressions: Sweet, Toffee, Chocolate, Orange
Orange and milk chocolate fragrance soften into aroma of buttery toffee and lavender when brewed. The cup is sweet caramel, with orange and graham. Full bodied and syrupy with a citric acidity that carries through into a lingering sweet finish.
Full City (Medium)

Espresso Blend

Available Now!

Espresso Blend 16oz bag
Impressions: Bright, complex, fruity.
A unique blend of beans roasted to highlight the sweet and fruity notes typical of lighter Northern Italian style espresso. The sweetness is balanced with medium acidity, capped by a rich bronze crema. Outstanding as a drip coffee.
Full City (Medium)

Colombia Nariño Gran Galope

Available Now!

Colombia Nariño Gran Galope 16 oz bag
Impressions: Sweet. Nut. Caramel.
Fresh ground fragrance includes sandalwood, with caramel and candied nut intensifying when brewed.  A soft lemony sweetness emerges as the cup cools. Beautifully balanced with a lively acidity, medium body, and a slightly dry finish.
Full City (Medium)

Colombia Origin Select Decaf EP

Available Now!

Impressions: Sweet. Chocolate. Nut.
Chocolate and cherry fragrance in the fresh grounds are joined by vanilla and caramel aroma when brewed. Nut, brown sugar and a hint of orange emerge on the palate creating a sweet and juicy cup with a soft pleasant finish.
Full City Plus (Medium Dark)

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