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Remain To Reach Seasonal Blend

Impressions: Rich. Balanced. Smooth. Sweet.

Profit from this product goes directly to the Remain To Reach Foundation.

This is a custom blend of beans chosen from the top 1% of coffee in the world. Roasted for the Remain To Reach Foundation by I Have a Bean. This specific components of this blend change with the coffee harvest seasons but there is no "filler" here. Every bean from every origin in this blend are only selected from coffee that is rated in the top 1% for quality. We select two of our coffees that "marry well" and blend them in proportions that work fabulously on the palate.



  • Rich
  • Balanced
  • Smooth
  • Sweet


Origin Data

Why $43?

Primarily because at press time, Illinois' recidivism rate stands at 43%.

SO $43 seems like a logical number! Buy this coffee and support two dynamic local organizations that are both working to lower the recidivism rate. It's far too high. 

Proceeds from the sale of this blend go directly to Remain 2 Reach in support of the great work they do with "at-risk youth who have found themselves in trouble with the law at a young age."


Founded by Eddie Jackson of the Chicago Bears in 2018, the Remain to Reach Foundation aims to inspire and provide resources to at-risk youth who have found themselves in trouble with the law at a young age. FROM EDDIE: “I grew up in a challenging situation, and I saw many friends go through unimaginable things. I feel blessed to have ended up where I am today – in the NFL – but that is not the story for so many kids who grow up in at-risk situations. Through Remain to Reach I hope to connect with as many of those kids as possible, and remind them that there is hope and that they have to make the most of their second chances.” ​ "Jobs are the number one reason for recidivism and most of those who’ve spent time in prison are an afterthought when it comes to employment, especially today’s youth,” said Eddie Jackson.  “I’m excited to partner with I Have A Bean who has a shared interest in providing jobs and hope to anyone that’s been touched by the criminal justice system.” GOALS: Inspire youth who have already been involved in the justice system. Support leading organizations in Chicago and Florida – and across the US – that provide resources to children who were previously imprisoned to change the course of their lives. Help youth capitalize on their Second Chance at Life.

Remain To Reach Foundation Seasonal Blend