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Ethiopia Nansebo Solena Natural

Impressions: Berry. Melon. Vanilla. Fragrance is sweet blueberry, raspberry and vanilla. Aroma is soft berries and cotton candy. In the cup are notes of blackberry, melon, cedar and soft lemon. Sweetens as it cools. Winey acidity with a finish of berry, cedar and melon.
(Brew @208 deg. AeroPress)


  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry
  • Blackberry
  • Vanilla.
  • Cotton candy
  • Melon
  • Lemon
  • Cedar


Origin Data

Variety: Ethiopia Landraces

Region: West Arsi

Process: Natural - Dried on raised beds 11 to 15 days

Elevation: 6,800 feet.


After starting in coffee at age 12, Yiannis became a legendary player in Ethiopian coffee. After more than half a century in coffee he passed away from a heart attack. Ethiopian law does not allow intergenerational land ownership unless the land is consistently in use. Yiannis' daughter Heleanna was already in business for herself in Madrid but she did not want to lose the family land. She returned to Ethiopia to continue the legacy of coffee in her family, taking over the family land and continuing to grow and improve both the family business and Ethiopian coffee as a whole. Through years of hard work and meticulous focus, she produces some of the brightest, most complex coffees we’ve ever tasted. Heleanna is known for her love of experimentation and willingness to take risks in order to create a transcendent cup of coffee. Her farming and processing practices are the absolute gold standard, diverse and honed over time.

Heleanna prepares Ethiopian coffee ceremony

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