"Being a coffee lover, I believe the coffees at I Have a Bean are the best I have ever tasted. In my travels I have been to Canada, Ireland, China, Hong Kong, The Philippines, and most of America. So far, no coffee anywhere I have been compares to the aromas and flavors of I Have a Bean coffees. Keep up the great job at your roasting plant. You have me hooked."

- Barry S. - Rockford IL.

Normal Roasting Plant Hours:
Open Mon-Fri 8 am til 6 pm.
Plant Closed Saturdays through October.
We're at the French Market instead.

About us

Second Chance Coffee Company
Second Chance Coffee Company operates under the premise that we can use every part of our business to “love our neighbor as ourselves” to positively impact the spiritual, social and economic condition of our employees, their families and the communities in which they live.

Second Chance Coffee Company, LLC is a coffee roasting business that was formed in 2007 to accomplish two things—roast and distribute truly exceptional coffee, and help transform the lives of post-prison people in the process. The company roasts and distributes coffee under the brand name "I Have a Bean". Our model is simple: We meticulously select beans from the top 1% of coffee in the world and then roast and deliver coffee within hours of it being ordered. Pete Leonard, founder of the company invented our coffee roasting machine and processes so that we could deliver the best, most consistent product, highlighting the delicate flavor and aroma nuances of every coffee sold. Roasting in small batches allows I Have a Bean to roast and deliver coffee the same day and allows our customers to enjoy the natural flavors and aroma of truly fresh-roasted coffee.

First, the problem
Recidivism. Technically, recidivism is the act of a person repeating an undesirable behavior after they have either experienced negative consequences of that behavior, or have been treated or trained to extinguish that behavior. In this case we’re talking about the seeming never ending cycle of incarceration, release, re-incarceration, re-release, incarceration again... that for some just never seems to end.

Over 20,000 prisoners are released from Illinois State corrections facilities into the Chicago area every year. More than 12,000 of those ex-prisoners are re-incarcerated within three years of release. The cycle of recidivism is a ubiquitous tale of wasted lives and victimized communities that is repeated among the nearly 1,000,000 post-prison people in communities across our nation each year.

Part of a solution
Employment is just one of the keys to gaining a new life. While the purpose of our company addresses this part of the issue head-on, we know that this group of people need more help than can be provided by an employer. The majority of people leaving prison did not finish high school and have little legitimate work experience. Many have drug abuse or psychological problems that must be treated before they are able to hold a regular job. Recognizing that what we offer only addresses part of the problem, I Have a Bean also works closely with post-prison support organizations that provide the help that we cannot. These organizations share in the work of our mission, providing counseling, mentoring, life skills training and a supportive community for post prison people.


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